Probabilistic Numerical Differential Equation Solvers


ProbNumDiffEq.jl provides probabilistic numerical solvers to the DifferentialEquations.jl ecosystem. The implemented ODE filters solve differential equations via Bayesian filtering and smoothing and compute not just a single point estimate of the true solution, but a posterior distribution that contains an estimate of its numerical approximation error.

For a short intro video, check out our poster presentation at JuliaCon2021.


Run Julia, enter ] to bring up Julia's package manager, and add the ProbNumDiffEq.jl package:

julia> ]
(v1.10) pkg> add ProbNumDiffEq

Getting Started

For a quick introduction check out the "Solving ODEs with Probabilistic Numerics" tutorial.


  • probdiffeq: Fast and feature-rich filtering-based probabilistic ODE solvers in JAX.
  • ProbNum: Probabilistic numerics in Python. It has not only probabilistic ODE solvers, but also probabilistic linear solvers, Bayesian quadrature, and many filtering and smoothing implementations.